Good afternoon to the best family in the world! This week on Tuesday, I recently just hung out with two friends at a church that has a skate park. We all brought our skateboards which we obviously need for a skate park. Every time you go to a skate park, you and your friend always have to play game of SKATE which is a game of horse, but with skate tricks. My friend and I played a game, but unfortunately I lost because the kid went up against has been skating for 10 years and he was only 7 when he first started. I started about the beginning of freshmen year. Also, at the skate park you try to find a new trick to learn which can be frustrating because you keep repeating the trick, but don’t hit the trick. The people I came with the park have been my friends with me since freshmen year and they taught me how to skate, but overtime I faded away from skateboarding because I didn’t progress as fast as my friends. Whenever I would hang out with them, I would just talk to them instead of skate . Overall, the most joy I had out of all of this was when we were just messing around and talk about random things. I wish more of my friends came to the park rather just two of us. About 2 years ago, all my friends would skate everyday, but overtime we grew away from it and moved on with our lives. The most joy I had overall in life was during my freshmen year, when my friends and I would hang out everyday and skate everyday. One thing I importantly learned about this activity is that it is sweet to be kind to your friends and sacrifice your free time to be with your friends with any opportunity. After we stopped skating, we just hung out in the car and turned on the some tunes. When the tunes turn on, you just start jumping and doing crazy things. We all got hungry and drove to Raising Canes to grab some dinner. When we were there, we luckily won the peels on the cups which is if you spell out Canes, then you get a full meal just for you! Therefore, we were all hyped up and ate our meal with joy. Afterwards, we went to a parking structure to skate again and we went to a parking structure because it had this incredible, nice, and slippery curb, where we can grind on with our skateboards. When we were there, my friend notice these two guys were pulling up with skateboards. We did not notice at first, but when they got closer, we saw two professional skateboarders named Steve Berra and TJ Rogers. Steve owns a skate park who people dream to go to across the world. TJ is a professional skateboarder who is incredibly nice and very talented. He gave one of friend a board because his skateboard was wearing out. We were in luck that day which gave us a great night of exhausting sleep.



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